IBIS Medical Equipments

Company Overview

Ibis Medical Equipment & Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian organization established in the year 2008 and has since been engaged in manufacturing of high quality neonatology focused equipment. Our strategy at Ibis medical is to provide unique and innovative NICU products, developed through continues research. Furthermore, our well experienced bio medical engineers manufacture standard world class machines with their constantly upgraded skills. Over the years, Ibis Medical has installations spread across India, both in the private and government sectors. Ibis Medical has started catering to the export market, with installations now in countries in Africa and South Asia.

Ibis launched LED based Phototherapy, with the brand name IREX. We were among the first in India to launch a LED based phototherapy unit, in an industry where CFL based phototherapy was the norm. Our R&D efforts yielded many advanced products such as IREX Blanket, which is a portable and maintenance free system only manufactured by us, among several other NICU equipment. Our products are well accepted in the neonatal segment and we keep on innovating to meet the new demands and our upgraded versions. Our wide range of our Neonatal care products are categorized under the divisions of Neonatal Jaundice, Infant Thermal management, Neonatal Respiratory management and NICU vitals.

We have a R & D tie-up with National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NIT-Calicut).

Our total administrative system is certified ISO 9004-2008 (2012) with CE certified machines and its facilities meet ISO 13485 manufacturing standards. We do not compromise on product quality, which is one big reason, why our customers always come back to us for their next set of requirements.

As with all companies, we do keep on innovating so as to keep us future ready.The new launches planned for 2017 are Bubble CPAP, High Flow Nasal canula.

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