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An Ultra soft eye protection from phototherapy

I Pro Neonatal Eye Protector

Ibis medical’s I Pro neonatal eye protector shields neonates from 450-470 nm high bright blue light entering the eyes while the baby is undergoing phototherapy treatment for jaundice. It is designed with cotton material, so these eye masks are ultra-soft for neonates. With the ergonomic design, these infant eye bands perfectly mask newborns' eyes and fit heads of all sizes. Shielding the neonate’s eyes and at the same time, providing comfort is made possible by this eye protector design.

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Unique features

  • Allergy-free, ultra-soft cotton material
  • UV Sterilized and suitable for single-use
  • Available in four different sizes:
    • Extra pre-term: 20-23 cm
    • Pre-term: 22-34 cm
    • Term: 28-46 cm
  • Universal size with plastic adjusters: 28-54 cm
  • Adjustable and perfect fitting cushion-like design suitable for all newborn categories
  • Special eye pad fitting gives complete eye protection and 99.99% blue light blockage
  • SFDA Certified

Storage & Expiry

  • Keep away from light, rain, and moisture
  • Expiry date is 12 months from the date of manufacture - Refer to product label on the pouch for manufactured date and expiry date
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Neonatal Eye Protector

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