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An Ultra soft eye protection from phototherapy

Neonatal Eye Protector

Ibis Neonatal Eye Protectors are made with ultra soft cotton material attached to elastic for adjust the circumference and steady positioning. Ibis Medical Neonatal Eye Protectors act as infant sunglasses and offer extra eye protection for babies during phototherapy treatment. It offers sufficient ventilation to the eyes and yet protecting the infant’s eyes from the strong light.

infant sunglasses

Product Description

Ibis Neonatal Eye Protector(infant sunglasses) is easy to wear, infant eye protector to block strong light from phototherapy equipment. It is available in two sizes meant to address baby head size – Term and Preterm . A third size is also offered which is meant as a universal size. This size offers adjusters at the back for easy adjustment of the elastic length.


Neonatal Eye Protector

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