IBIS India


Ibis Medical was found in 2008 by Sujith S. in Cochin, India. Since then we have steadily grown by initially focusing and gaining market share in Kerala. Then we expanded to Southern India and now we have presence across almost all states in India.

Along the way, we launched several new innovative products which can be categorized as industry first in India. We were among the first to launch and popularize LED Phototheraphy machines. Soon it has become the industry standard.

Ibis has also started exporting our products to several countries primarily in South Asia and Africa.

Mile Stones

Ibis started its business journey and launched Phototherapy and radiant warmer to the world of neonatology after being incubated from NIT-Calicut.01


Launched India’s first high bright LED Phototherapy ( I REX) and new version of Infant Radiant Warmer (model I CORE 10).02


Launched Basic LED phototherapy (I REX 10) LED phototherapy (V 2 I REX).03


Started appointing dealers outside Kerala. Our first big order from the government sector. Received 20 machine order from PGI for I REX. India’s First Blanket phototherapy prototype developed. ( I REX Blanket ).04


Installed equipment in key hospitals like KIMS Trivandrum, AIMS Cochin. Launched NICU VITALS.05


Ibis Launched online store and started export to Nigeria.06


Provided an enhanced more powerful micro processor for Infant radiant warmers. Started development work or the world’s first Blue Green LED and also Basic Warmer meant for low cost NICUs. 07

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