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Infant Radiant Warmer

I Core 10 represent Ibis Medical’s approach to providing solutions to baby warming. Simple, safe, highly effective and yet elegant packaged. Its highly advanced microprocessor coupled with a superior sensor helps in accurate temperature management. I Core 10 infant warmers have a simple, space saving design which optimizes NICUs, yet is feature rich and offers all necessary audio visual alarms and temperature setting options.

Baby Warming Solutions –I Core 10 Infant Radiant warmer range

New born infants generally cannot regulate their temperature and hence require assistance in order to keep their body temperature to desired level.

I Core 10 series of Infant radiant warmer or baby warmer provide highly effective solutions to providing regulated heat to newborn babies. An advance servo micro processor mode provides up to date, well monitored warmth to the babies. Temperatures can be set and then the machine takes over and constantly provides the required heat output efficiently.

The control panel is laid out in an easy to view and easy to operate manner. All essential information including the temperature setting/set temperature, current baby skin temperature and heater output is provided in bright clear LED panels. Additionally, audio visual alarms are laid out sequentially, thus providing the healthcare provider with all required information at one glance. An additional APGAR timer is also integrated in the control panel to meet specific requirements.

The integrated bed support is well designed to provide easy access to the baby. Bed Tilting mechanism, collapsible side acrylic walls ensure that the baby can be easily treated and monitored.

I Core 10 range infant radiant warmer are well designed and tough enough to handle the day to day operations in NICUs. They can be easily integrated with phototherapy units to provide simultaneous treatment for jaundice in newborn babies.

We offer I Core 10 Infant Warmer(Baby Warmer) in several configurations to suit your preference and requirements.

Product Features

  • Simple, elegant yet functional design. It fits easily in all NICUs.
  • Easy to operate with all parameters cleared laid on an easy to view control panel.
  • Very safe. I Core 10 range of warmers contain multiple safety features which include high temperature cutoffs and clear audible alarms.
  • Powerful microprocessor works in the background calibrating the heater output efficiently based on the skin sensor inputs.
  • Skin / Servo modes for heating provided for desired treatment setting.
  • Easy baby monitoring and treating. The integrated bed can be tilted up to 150 and the side acrylic walls are easily collapsible. The heater head can be swiveled 900 either side for easy access. Halogen monitoring lights are integrated into the heater head.

* Assuming commercial rate of Rs. 7/- per electricity unit (kWh)

** American Academy of Pediatrics: Management of Hyperbilirubinemia in newborn infants 35 or more weeks of gestation. Pediatrics 2004: 297-316

Technical Specification

Performance Specification

  • -Skin
  • -Servo
  • -Large Seven segment LED display for patient temperature
  • -Monochrome LED display for temperature setting
  • -Large LED display for APGAR timer/ timer setting
Heater source
  • -Imported ceramic heater
  • -Heater power – 600 Watts Max
Alarms Audio Visual Alarms
  • -High Temperature (+0.5⁰ C of set temperature)
  • -Low temperature (-0.5⁰ C of set temperature)
  • -Sensor failure
  • -Power failure
  • -Heater failure
  • -Automatic cut- off
Temperature settings
  • -Servo Skin Mode
  • -Skin Temperature sensor – Active
  • -Accuracy +/- 0.1⁰ C (31⁰C to 37⁰C)
  • -Set temperature range : 34⁰C to 38⁰C

Electrical Specification

Heater Power requirement - 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Examination Light - 12V, 50W Halogen Lamp


Patient monitor stand
Provision for tray or drawer below the bed for keeping essential items
IV stand attached
Option for detachable / non detachable infant trolley

I Core 10 Range configurations

  • Infant Radiant Warmer Manufacturers
  • I Core 10 Basic  -Infant radiant warmer mounted on a non detachable trolley. Trolley has provision for providing undersurface phototherapy treatment.
  • Baby Warming Solutions Manufacturers
  • I Core 10 T  -Infant radiant warmer with detachable infant trolley. Trolley has provision for providing undersurface phototherapy treatment.
  • Infant Radiant Warmer Suppliers
  • I Core 10 B  -Infant radiant warmer with integrated bed and tray below for stocking essential items.
  • Infant Warmer-Baby Warmer
  • I Core 10 BD  -Infant radiant warmer with integrated bed and drawer below for stocking essential items.

Common Comparison Chart

Features Type I Core 10 Basic I Core 10 B I Core 10 BD I Core 10 T
Mode of operation Servo & Manual yes yes yes yes
Heater Infra red Quartz 600 W
Heater Power Bar Indicator
Thermistor Temperature Sensor Skin
Temperature - Set & Current Led Display
Critical alarms- Audio and Visual Audio Visual
Observation Lamp Led
Centigrade to Fahrenheit conversion toggle
Control panel software lock
Monitor Tray yes yes yes yes
IV Pole
Inbuilt Bed yes yes
Inbuilt Tray yes
Inbuilt Drawer yes
Detachable Trolley yes
Non Detachable Trolley yes


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