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Simple yet Effective Solutions for meeting specific needs of Infant Healthcare Providers

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Equipment Manufacturers

Ibis Medical also understands that infant caring is not just about medical equipments but also providing simple solutions for meeting some specific requirements of managing an infant patient.
These include measuring height, weight, head, chest and mid upper arm circumference(MUAC), locationg veins in babies.Protecting eyes and gonad regions of infant during phototherapy or X-Ray session respectively.

infantometer Mat


An easy to use solution for measuring baby heights. It is useful for babies upto 1 metre. Ibis Infantometer mat is made of PVC unlike vinyl. Hence it is flexible, foldable and can be easily transported anywhere. This is an ideal solution for all healthcare providers especially in the public health departments who need to carry these kits to remote and interior areas of the country.

Key Features

  • Measuring length : Between 8cms to 100 cms
  • Increments in 1 mm.
  • Unit of measurement in cms.
  • Fixed head rest.
  • Can be easily cleaned with regular hospital disinfectants
  • Clear legible lettering in English.
  • Can be rolled for easy storage or transportation
radiation protection products

Neonatal gonad Protector

Studies recommend that the gonad regions of a neonate should be protected from the harmful effects of X-rays during an X-Ray session. Usage of gonad protectors helps to reduce the possibility of neoplasia & genetic disorders which might occur due to excess X-Rays.

Ibis Medical offers Ibis Infant Gonad Protectors(radiation protection products) which uses 1mm lead encased in PVC.

Available in two sizes, small and medium.

infant head circumference

Infant Head Circumference Tape

Unlike traditional measuring tapes, Ibis Medical Head Circumference Tapes are made of ultra soft, non stretchable, high quality PVC, with three hole slot for accurate measurement. Ibis Medical HC Tapes do not tear easily nor does it stretch. Hence it is very reliable and effective for measuring the head circumference in babies.

Key Features

  • Made from Ultra soft PVC. Hence does not tear or stretch.
  • Clear legible letters in English
  • Measurement both in Cms and in Inches.
  • Measurement range : 5- 50 cms / 2- 20 inches
  • Reusable and washable with regular hospital disinfectants.
Infant Vein viewer

Ibis Infant Vein Viewer

Ibis Infant Vein Viewer (also called neonatal transilluminator) is used to locate veins in neonates

Key Features

  • Vein viewer enclosed in a polycarbonate shell
  • Consists of three high bright Red LED lamps of 1 watt each.
  • It is powered by a rechargeable 100 mAH lithium ion battery enclosed in the shell. Charger is provided along with the illuminator unit.
  • Intensity control facility is provided to increase the illumination. This is particular useful for locating veins in fatty babies.
Eye Protector-infant sunglasses

I Pro Infant Eye Protectors

The eyes of the babies have to be protected during phototherapy treatment. Ibis Medical is offering its high quality I Pro eye protectors(infant sunglasses) to shield the baby from the strong phototherapy lights.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from non toxic, cotton type material
  • Provides 95% light blockage
  • No plastic or metal adjuster in the elastic band. This reduces the possibility of depressions forming at the back of the baby’s head. It also avoids unwanted pain caused to the baby due to the pressure.
  • Single patient use.
  • Comes in two sizes.
    A) For Term babies
    b) For Pre-term babies



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